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Varicose veins are extremely annoying for many people, because not only are they unattractive, but also because they cause pain and aching and so much discomfort, in our legs and ankles, heck sometimes in the entire leg, but there is a varicose veins treatment that truly works, so there is hope.

The following text will cover why varicose veins occur and what you can do to alleviate some of the discomfort while you await your treatment, or while you decide whether you are a candidate for this medical alternative.

The Science of Enlarged and Painful Veins

Why do veins enlarge?

Veins are narrow-enclosed blood vessels that transport the blood throughout a person’s body, from the tissues within the body toward the heart. Veins enlarge when a few of the valves amid the profound and surface veins in an individual’s leg do not work adequately anymore.

Two chief systems exist within a person’s veins:

• Deep (profound) veins
o These veins lie amidst each muscle and transport around ninety percent of the blood toward the heart

• Superficial (surface) veins
o These veins are frequently noticeable and are just beneath the skin, whereas superficial veins are not protected by the muscles, like surface veins are. That means that the surface veins are not as strong and there is more of a chance of varicose veins occurring.

Superficial veins transport blood via the skin and varicobooster forum outer areas into the profound veins through joining passages (the perforator veins).

Blood flows from each leg back to the heart:

• Each leg muscle embraces the profound veins and pushes the blood up
• Each vein has what is known as one-way valves, which help to keep the blood flowing upward and not backward
• When the blood pushes up, each valve opens to permit the blood to go through
• When the heart beats each time, the valves shut briefly to keep the blood from moving backward

When valves amid these two chief systems do not function adequately, blood can stream in the wrong direction since the force within the profound veins is larger than it is within the surface veins.

• Rather than acquiring blood from the outer veins (surface or superficial veins), the deeper veins might essentially be pushing back within the superficial veins
• This instance causes in increase of force within the noticeable veins
• While blood assembles within the superficial veins and the force inside these veins rises, progressively, the valves start to fail
• As time goes on, possibly years later, each valve, one at a time, fails
• When this instance occurs, the superficial veins enlarge due to the additional blood and elevated pressure, which is how varicose veins occur

How to Alleviate Varicose Veins Pain and Discomfort at Home

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