Tips to Find Out If Your Hoodia Gordonii Pill Is A Fake

The demand for diet pills continues to rise in the past few years. There are many products out there in the market today and one that gained popularity among consumers is the hoodia gordonii. This “natural appetite suppressant” became the most widely known to buyers because of overflowing claims from people who have tried it.

Hoodia gordonii is a cactus like plant which can only be found in the deserts of Africa. The San Bushmen of Kalahari and other tribes in Africa used it to cure ailments, such as abdominal cramps, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, indigestion, etc. It was also widely used as an appetite suppressant and as a thirst quencher whenever these people move from one place and another. This aroused the curiosity of some scientists. visit –

The CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) isolated the substance called “p57” which is the active ingredient which acts as an appetite suppressant. They engaged the UK based pharmaceutical company called Phytopharm and collaborated with Pfizer to further the study on p57 and other slimming agents. Later on it was patented on 1996 by CSIR giving way for the product to be commercially produced worldwide.

This particular plant specie is protected by the CITE (The Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) to ensure that harvest operations of hoodia will be regulated. This is the reason that it became scarce so that bio-piracy became so rampant for this particular diet agent. There are many fake products out there that promises consumers 100% pure hoodia gordonii. It is helpful that consumers should be aware of what they are buying in the market.

Here are some helpful tips on spotting the fake and the real:

1. The company selling the product should at least present proper documentation. What the consumer should look for first is the document called the CITES certificate. However, there are ways that those crooks get around things like forging the certificates that belong to other companies and present them as theirs. The real certificate will indicate the legal importer and exporter of the shipment.

2. Checking the label of the product is always helpful. Fake products contain ingredients such as starch and other materials that can endanger one’s health.

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